RepSeqID and MSI

RepSeqID is platform technology that generates a single electropherogram for the reliable detection of gene deletions (e.g. EGFR L747_A750) and gene fusions (e.g. ALK and ROSI) in lung cancer patients. A single RepSeqID assay detects both deletions and multiple gene fusions/rearrangements for specific targeted chemotherapy.

Detection of micro satellite instability (MSI) is another application of RepSeqID. MSI is associated with colorectal cancers and refers to the degree to which an individual tumor shows a defective DNA repair mechanism as manifested by short repeats of the same nucleotide (e.g. MSI-High, MSI-Low, or Microsatellite Stable MSS). This gives a measure of the tumor’s prognosis and susceptibility to certain drugs.

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