Licensing Opportunities

There are four different areas ready for disruptive commercialization:

1. Population cancer screening

Screening for cancer markers in asymptomatic populations. Sample types include:

  • Liquid Biopsy (blood)
  • Thin Prep (for gynecological cancer)
  • Sputum
  • Urine
  • Stool

2. Treatment decisions for new or treated cancer patients

Cancer Tissue/Biopsy testing

  • Identification of mutations for targeted chemotherapy
  • Identification of splice variants for check point inhibitors

Liquid Biopsy

  • Monitoring for recurrence of malignancy following chemotherapy and other treatments

3. Companion diagnostics

  • Development of companion diagnostics for new targeted chemotherapies and check point inhibitors
  • Patient selection for clinical trials, using splice variant targeting

4. Clonal variation

Clonal variation is one of the factors that contributes towards resistance to chemotherapy, due to inter-cellular and intra-cellular variations. Adoption of appropriate treatment modalities based on identifying these clonal variants has the potential to improve treatment outcomes.