is often diagnosed too late for a cure, but that’s about to change!


is often diagnosed too late for a cure, but that’s about to change!

MutantDx owns patented platform technologies in DNA diagnostics that will dominate the exploding multi-billion dollar Liquid Biopsy cancer market

– and we’re ready to commercialize!

The Liquid Biopsy

MutantDx surpasses currently used methods for identifying DNA mutations in blood that diagnose cancer early enough to be potentially curable, and is primed for disruptive commercialization.

MutantDx is Best-in-Class:

Exquisite Sensitivity

Verifiable Specificity

Multiplexing Ability

Unique QA Patents

These overwhelming advantages satisfy currently unfulfilled clinical needs:

The earliest possible cancer diagnosis enables earlier treatment specifically targeted to the mutation(s):

  • Routine screening in people who never had cancer
  • Monitoring for recurrence before symptoms re-develop
  • Custom designed test panels for all actionable mutations


Only MutantDx has the ability to identify and confirm the minute amounts of DNA cancer mutations liberated into the blood stream, while virtually eliminating false positive and false negative results


Lowest cost per reportable result due to:

  • Multiplexing ability
  • No need for manual “enrichment” of the cancer tissue due to the extreme sensitivity of MutantDx technology

Operational Advantages

  • Small sample size: Fine needle aspiration biopsies
  • Insensitive to transportation delays
  • Widespread availability of testing equipment


Bodily fluids (e.g. blood and urine) are the most readily available clinical samples – the Liquid Biopsy