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Oncology Alert:
“The MutantDx Liquid Biopsy now enables cancer to be screened, diagnosed and cured before symptoms ever develop.”

Dr. Roger Hodkinson, CEO, MutantDx

MutantDx will be attending
JP Morgan Week &
BioWeekSF events
in San Francisco,
Jan. 6-12, 2018.

We look forward to
meeting you there!


Kenn Bur
Director, Investor Relations

780.233.1829 (mobile)

Corporate Chart

Bio-ID Diagnostic Inc.

• Canadian holding company
for MultiGEN patents

MultiGEN Diagnostics Inc.

• 100 per cent subsidiary

• California-registered company

MutantDx (Newco)

• 100 per cent subsidiary

• Liquid Biopsy Company
using MultiGEN patents

MutantDx has eliminated all
commercialization barriers
for the Liquid Biopsy.

Dr. Roger Hodkinson, CEO of Mutant Dx
Time: 3:10

MutantDx Video Clips:

MutantDx Will Revolutionize Cancer Screening
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MutantDx Eliminates Barriers for Commercial Liquid Biopsy
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MutantDx Can Identify DNA in Femtogram Concentration
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